How to Use Rust Remover


DE-OXY-DOES-IT is a patent pending, non-hazardous rust remover that uses an innovative selective chelating agent to remove rust (iron oxide) thus reversing the aging and rusting process, without posing any health or environmental hazards.

When DE-OXY-DOES-IT is used as directed, you will see amazing results within minutes to hours depending on your project.

Surface Preparation:

It is very important to clean and rinse the items you are trying to de-rust as much as possible prior to immersing them in the DE-OXY-DOES-IT solution and its important to know how to use rust remover.  Your items should be free of as much dirt, mud, loose rust, paint, oil, and grease as possible.

Why should my items be clean prior to de-rusting?

1.  Even though DE-OXY-DOES-IT contains proprietary surfactants that allow the product to overcome and work through some of these soils, remember DE-OXY-DOES-IT is a rust-remover, and not a cleaner, so the performance of the product will be affected by soils, grime, and especially paints, and greases.  Starting with a rusty part that is clean, assures that your item will come out of the de-rusting bath totally free of rust.

2.  DE-OXY-DOES-IT is sewerable as provided. Contaminating the de-rusting solution with greases, paints, and other soils, will alter the disposal status of the spent solution. If you are only de-rusting clean metal, in the end, all that remains is chelated iron and water.  In most cases only this iron content will determine the disposal method.  Refer to your local, state, and federal guidelines, for your specific disposal requirements.

3.  Thoroughly rinse items prior to immersing in the DE-OXY-DOES-IT solution.  Rinsing items minimizes the amount of other contaminants entering the de-rusting solution, which could decrease the product’s effectiveness, and could drastically reduce the life of the product.

After De-rusting Process:  

How to use rust remover – Once all the rust is removed, rinse item with water.  You can now paint, plate, lubricate, or apply any refinishing topcoat of your choice.  For short-term corrosion protection, you can dip the part into the DE-OXY-DOES-IT solution and simply let it dry. This will leave a phosphate coating on the product that will inhibit flash corrosion for quite a long time.

If you decide to paint the item at a later date, simply sand the part lightly and refinish with the topcoat of your choice.  DE-OXY-DOES-IT etches the metal which promotes superior paint adhesion.

Safest Rust Removing Solution